Ki West, The Movie

Ki West, the movie. Brought to you by Kajin Entertainment. Got change for a kilo? This will be a common phrase after this movie is released I believe. This is the story of an Army Ranger back in the days when many ran amok of their military duties. The Vietnam war was coming to an end, and military supplies were spewed all over the place - in the US and abroad. Officers had helicopters, planes, trucks, warehouses and much more available to them to buy/confiscate drugs, and get them back to the US in order to make huge profits. Denny Banks was one such officer. He was known in certain cultures as the unofficial mayor of Key West. He and his people transported tons of marijuana into the states, and amassed huge piles of cash hidden around the world in banks of the third kind. He never hurt anyone, he was a professional, just trying to make a buck - which he did in exponential fashion. One day he woke up and said he had enough. Enough money. Enough of the business, and